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this time i'm serious...

2009-08-29 11:20:43 by bigdaddyT

okay maybe not

im sorry!!!1!!!!11

2009-08-08 10:58:15 by bigdaddyT

im wasting your time.

wa wa wa a new movie

2009-07-26 14:25:09 by bigdaddyT

new movie maybe animated reviews, or some shit like that.

'damm right and this time it better don't suck'

your King is back!!!

2009-05-01 17:20:16 by bigdaddyT

new movie coming soon.
these is going too be better than the last three i promise( i know i say that every time but i just finishd the preloader and it got real voice acting from your king of course.
i really dont know what the story is going to be yet.

see ya from your King T


2009-03-15 16:26:43 by bigdaddyT

I just got adobe flash and made two movies and I know they were bad but plz dont hate me, for my movies i am making a new one, much better than my two first and if you didn't see them you can maybe watch them on, I am warning you they aren't that good, but they are something.

well hope you can wait because this one is for real and I am going away for the week so I cannot make it later than on friday.

see ya

(sorry my name on 360 live was truls b not trulsb)


i am back!!!

2008-06-19 18:14:21 by bigdaddyT

Hey T here, sorry i havent been in for a while and write something new, i got the xbox 360 lat year and couldnt stop playing, i was going to buy ps3 but it was so freakin expensive, so here and i have more then 4000 gamescores and it kick ass!

so if you want to know i still can't find some place to get flash maker for free, if you know any good flash making tools and the place where i can get it.

(trulsb is my name on 360 live)

see ya.